kinect Technology

250GB Kinect bundle in UK for November

It has been confirmed of the back of a rumor that was leaked a few weeks ago that there would be a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, but it would only be available for a limited time only.

Microsoft are looking to serve customers on a first come first serve on the offers for the bundle prices at only £50, which costs more than the regular version of the console that comes with a storage size of 4GB.  Also, included to this offer is the game Kinect Adventures where the same offer will be available in the US a week earlier than in the UK.

On the launch day 15 games will be available with such featured titles including Joy Ride, Dance Central and Kinectimals.

Having had a chance to play some of the Kinect games and experience the kinect i would say that Micrsoft may have a potential to make this the next big thing, however currently some of the games are OK but some are just a bit difficult and hard to get used to.

The Kinect 250GB bundle is priced around £299.99, the Kinect regular 4GB version will cost you around £249.99 with both releases to be on November 10.  Would this be just in time for people to get it in their Christmas shopping list?