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GTA V pre-order details and 5 locations leaked

Retailers have started to leak details about the upcoming GTA V game that is to be released in Spring 2013.

The items leaked by retailers suggest that those who pre-order GTA V games will either get a poster, key chain and a deck of GTA V cards.

Below are 5 posters which reveal locations from the game: Del Perro Pier, Grapeseed, Zancudo River, Vinewood Hills and Vespucci Canals.

Below image shows a purple key chain holder and a deck of GTA V cards. I think these might be for the deluxe or special edition of the game, my main question is when are they going to release a copy of the map of GTA V?

I have always enjoyed playing GTA and cannot wait for GTA V to be released.

What do you expect from the latest GTA V?

Below is the latest trailer of GTA V