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Raspberry Pi $25 computer readies for launch in January

Raspberry Pi $25 computer readies for launch in January

You may have heard of Raspberry Pi, the new smallest and cheapest PC  in development and thought “Oh here we are again another company looking to make the cheapest PC that would never come into production” WRONG!!   It appears that Raspberry Pi developers are testing their first beta devices and looks like if all goes well then you can get hold of the worlds smallest and cheapest PC at $25 from Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Foundation is a registered UK Charity organisation with the goal of making cheap, accessible, programmable computers.  Looks like they are a bit closer to their goal and with the release of this device even families and kids in developing countries can get hold of a powerful computer from as little as $25.

Raspberry Pi PC has two models, The $25 model has 128MB RAM and no network connection and the $35 model has 256MB RAM and Ethernet port.  Both the models have 700MHz ARM Processor, USB, HDMI Ports, SD Card storage, Analogue video and audio outputs and 5V Micro USB power connector. Both devices run on Linux Operating System.

The above video shows just how powerful the Raspberry Pi is, it managed to display a 1080p video through its HDMI port.  The device is designed so that it can be plugged into any TV or HDMI monitor and be used straight away without the need to fiddle around with configuration.

The current design of the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a case at the moment and is as small as a credit card.  You can use the device to browse the web, check your emails, go on Facebook or Twitter etc.

Would you be interested in getting a Raspberry Pi for your kids? Leave a comment below.

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